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Unic Foundation is a registered non-governmental organization.

Our president: Dr. Imumolen Irene Christopher
Other leader: Board of Trustees, Vice President, National Secretary, National Committee, Regional Leaders, State Coordinators, Committee Head, Members & Volunteers.

Our partners: United Nations, various international organization, indigenous companies and numerous philanthropic


  1. Join our outreach program Reaching out to the less privilege

      Reaching out to the less privilege

      Reaching out to the sick

      Reaching out to those in prisons

      Society awareness program

      Community support program

      Free distribution of gift items

  2. Employment opportunities (occasionally)
    • JPTS intl Limited



      Oil & gas company

      Customer services

      Banks, NGO, training organization

  3. You can get scholarship support (constant)
    • Professional courses

      Scholaship for bachelor, masters & phd

  4. Free visa services to members
  5. Health insurance scheme
  6. Start exportation & importation business
    • Wood


      IT product etc

  7. Start selling product
    • Dangote product

      Frozen foods


      Honey well

  8. Become a ticket & visa services agent
    • Dubai



      Other country

  9. Become a petroleum product distributor
    • AGO(diesel)



  10. Get support for small scale business
    • Packaged garri

      Package karosene

      Cashew nut sales

      Packaged dry fish

      Packaged products

  11. Buy / sell real estate (low housing scheme)
    • A plot of land in unic estate at atan is N150,000 as against N250,000

      A plot of land in unic estate at lusada is N420,00 as against N700,000

      A plot of land in unic estate at osogbo is N150,000 as against N400,000

      A plot of land in unic estate at badagry is N450,000 as against N900,000

  12. You get trained on skill acquisition program
    • Free training in over 25 skill acquisition to include but no limited to ankara design on shoe & bag, fashion, event décor, makeup, catering & sugar craft, forklift driving, scafolding, welding, electrical installations, bead making & wire works………..

  13. You start earning from UNIC internally generated revenue system
    • Members are paid constantly for doing business with the NGO and for also recruiting new members for the ngo

  14.  Business Training & Support
    • Business seminar

      Job links

  15. Get Loan (grouping system)
    • Product Loan

  16. Become a Security Awareness Trainer
    • Against the security scourge in Nigeria, UNIC foundation in partnership with various organizations is training individuals and certifying them as licenced security instructor, trained personal shall volunteer to also train others for free/ trainers can also earn from the process.

  17. Buy /sell on my UNIC store (www.myunicstore.com)
    • The first wholesale online plaform in nigeria, members of unic foundation can buy and sell on our online sales platform.

  18. Join UNIC   (talent group)
    • Young & talented ones are selected, regrouped, further trained and managed to fully enhance their talent e.g. dancers, musicians, footballers, actors & actresses….

  19. Start volunteering to become a leader
    • Members of unic foundation with special idea & business services shall be welcome to partner with unic in the provision of her services to members & the public, this selfless effort is a huge critria of appointing leaders in the Ngo

  20. We grace your social function & occasion
    • As one big family, we shall always support members of unic foundation who is having a social engagement e.g. marriage, birthday, house warming, convocation, matriculation, etc

  21. We can make your business grow faster
    • With our business network, outsourcing & corporate partnership, we are sure of adding value to what you currently doing

  22. Get legal services
    • Should any members need legal service; unic foundation team shall immediately act to help.

  23. You shall become a 100% business solution provider
    • With unic foundation you can supply all business needs.


      Professional artisans

      Incorporation of companies, church etc

      Delivery services

      Repair, maintanance & construction

      Planning vacation

      Agricuture,aqua business

      Website designer

      Media & advertisement

      Buy/rent house

      Investment opportunities

      Start up a new business

      Security function & gadget

      Any other business need



Contact: unic foundation building,km 10 lasu isheri road olowonla bus stop igando lagos.
Website: www.unicfoundation.com
Email: helpasoul@unicfoundation.com, unicfoundation@gmail.com
Tel: 0145464, 07046232396



  1. Q: I am not in lagos, can i join

      a: Yes, our members are all over the country

  2. : How can i assess the opportunities as listed here
  3. A: By coming for membership meetings, visit the NGO centres

  4. Q: How can I join the NGO
  5. A: Membership fee is N6450 payable into Access Bank/0693442549/Unique Employment and Empowerment Initiative
    Then visit www.unicfoundation.com to register as member makes sure you use your sponsor id to register.

  6. Q: Can I also tell others to join
  7. A: Yes, you can, when you do make sure you give you membership number to the person so as to enable the person register.





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